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    I'm sorry if this has been discussed before; i did do a search and didn't find anything.

    i charge my treo every night. i out it in wireless mode and turn the screen off. but every morning when i wake up, the screen is on, since it turns on when the Treo is fully charged.

    is there any way to avoid this? i've looked all thru the manual.


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    this doesn't happen to mines.

    you sure you dont have anythink activating the 600?
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    I have been charging mine overnight, and have never noticed the screen on while charging, or after completely charged.
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    have you installed any third party software?
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    Yeah, i've installed lots of 3rd party software...i'm assuming that's whats doing it. i'll have to go thru all of it to see what's causing my screen to turn on.

    i'm positive it the screen only turns on when it's fully charged....strange

    thanks for the info


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