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    I've had my Treo 600 for about 3 weeks, and really enjoy it more each day. Since starting to use audio, I have noticed a problem. In either MMPlayer or pTunes, whether playing an mp3 file or playing a ShoutCast program, if I use the "balance" slider I get full sound at the left to middle positions, but no audio at the full right slider position. I can tell from the mp3 files that I am not hearing one of the two stereo channels at any setting. Can anyone verify the presence or absence of this problem in their Treo 600?

    Bill Halberstadt
    Newark, DE
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    What type of adapter are you using to get stereo headphones? If you are using a Radio Shack adapter with a standard set of headphones, then you need to trim a bit of plastic around the edge of the adapter. The plug doesn't fit in all the way otherwise, which would account for not getting stereo out.

    If you are talking about the built-in speaker then you are hearing normal behavior. The built-in speaker is left-channel only.
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    Thanks for that quick response. I don't have headphones yet (on order), so I was talking about the built-in speaker. Your reply tells me it's not a problem with my Treo. However, it seems pretty stupid to have the speaker be "left channel only"! Hard to impress your friends with some (admittedly lo-lo-fi) music from your cell phone when you only have the left channel.

    Bill H.

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