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    Sprint Biz Conn was working perfectly on my Treo 600. Then today, I stared getting "Cannot connect to corporate server. Please try again." I am getting this every time I sync. Any thoughts?
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    bucktown - Here are a few diagnostic steps to help narrow down the problem...which have been used for many BC users here on TreoCentral.

    Take a look at your slingshot.log and connector.log files in your "C:/Program Files/Sprint/PCS Business Connection" Directory

    In the slingshot.log file look for lines like the following... I just do a global search for Exiting.

    Wed Oct 22 17:15:52 PDT 2003 (2888-2436): *** Exiting error : 0x00c0000005

    Cut and paste the 5-10 lines before and after the last occurrance of this according to the timestamp at the bottom of the file. There are some known issues people have run into that have been related to certain types of emails causing BC to crash. If there is one of these coming in your 25-75 list then it ~may~ be the problem. A test for this is to take the last "N" number that you sync with and put them into a temporary folder to see if it gets around this if and only if this is the problem. Hopefully the log information may shed some light on it.

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