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    When you get on the internet or use TreoSMS you get the little green arrows showing you are on the network, right. Well when I get done with all of that I usually hold the power button down and turn wireless mode off and then I hit my voicemail icon to get hooked back up and then that turns off the green arrows.

    Am I doing way too much to get rid of those green arrows? What's a easier way to perform this action

    I'm assuming whenever you are in that mode you're getting charged even without actually looking for anything on the net, or is that the case?
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    If you go to Blazer, in the options menu you will see "disconnect." Much easier. Or, if you have an email program such as Snapper or Inbox, there will be "disconnect" options as well.
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    How 'bout this - Go to the Prefs applet, select Network, then tap the Disconnect button. Viola! No more Green Arrows.

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    You know, I've never done that before, but that is a great way to disconnect as well. Thanks.
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    Really appreciate that

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