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    "Your phone is rubbish!...."

    Thats my problematic GSM t600 she's referring too.


    Because a buzzing sound appears in her phone often when she talks to me...

    ...AND its my third!! GSM Treo600 orange phone Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Then I got from a work colleague who took 20 min to admit

    "sorry, but the problem is your voice keeps disappearing. I cant follow what you are saying"

    LOVE..the organiser I just HATE.. the phone!!!!!!!!!

    And yes I've tried the firmware update (look under "phone info" on the dialer screen) to 2.08. Day 1 (yesterday) was perfect but Day 2 the BUzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz was back

    Anyone experience the same problem on a UK Orange phone?

    I'm really fed up.
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    Sadly my phone has the firmware upgrage. The sound tone is improved but not the buzzzz
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    To clarify what I'm trying to establish what the 2.08 update cannot cure

    Would be most interested to hear what the 2.08 update DID NOT CURE

    As I've just applied the 2.08 update and the buzz remains. Take care not to waste your time. It wont cure everything.

    I'm sending for a replacement Treo 600. My fourth.. Gee what are u Handspring guys up to?

    I did hear a rumour before the Treo 600 were introduced in the UK that the were recalled, so it took a further two weeks. But those guys just put them on the shelf anyway.
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    I am ready to Throw my beloved 600 into a wall daily. If it's not near 100% charge, I MUST be connected to power to reliably take a call, and keep it. No local stores have a new one, gonna have to get one mailed.

    Error: dropped call, and Network Search.....

    of course, this is sprint, but.. the phone still sucks.. for now.
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    Sounds like a quality control issue. I'm on sprint, and I've had no complaints from people talking to me.
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    Same here, I've got Sprint service and sound quality on both ends is great.
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    note: my phone is 2 months old, and it's been a pleasure up til now. No droppage/misuse. I baby this thing.
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    the problem does appear to be related to component quality control.

    The buzz is reminiscent of old phones that I've had. An old Nokia 8200 did it, but it was mild compared to the Treo.

    Its definately not the network as my other phones works really well in the same location.

    The 3 failed units that I've had came from the same batch, which were delivered to the same Orange shop in Cambridge UK

    Maybe if anyone does get a problem it pays to take note of the serial number.

    I would assume numbers that are close are likely to have components sourced from the same 'bucket'

    I'm thinking all this because I need to do the quality control myself now.

    So if you've got a bad treo the trick may be to insist on receiving a substatially different serial number.

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