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    Anyone willing to be a guinea pig and fire up their Dremel, to scrape out a gap in their cradle so the phone can rest in the cradle with an earbud/whatever attached?

    I use my 600 as my main phone, and would like to be able to leave it in the cradle WITH an earbud attached, just like I was able to do with the 300.

    I'd do it if I had a Dremel (or equiv) and if I knew what the internals were of the cradle - I guess I could take it apart, but...I'm leery of doing that.
    I did a quick search in the Accessories forum, but found no similar hits - I thought someone had given this a go some time back...

    Anyone? Bueller?
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    I wished the cradle didn't cover the mic entirely. That way, I can use the speakerphone while the phone is on the cradle. Currently I can use the speakerphone while it's on it, but the person on the other end sometimes have a difficult time hearing me. It would've been nice if HS/Palm designed their cradle to have a built in headphone jack and mic on the front panel of the cradle. Maybe a suggestion we can pitch to them 3rd Party companies.
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    Sounds risky, but someone out there must be brave enough!

    I dremelled my case, but it's not a pretty sight now.

    Does allow the headset use though.

    I also cut a hole in the back for the camera, and removed the front so I can see the screen and keyboard.

    Ugly, but functional.
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    Has anyone done this? I was just thinking of the same as I sit on hold with speakerphone on waiting for someone to pick up the other end of the phone... There is so much white noise where I am (loft style office) that I don't think speakerphone would do very well..

    Perhaps this week sometime I'll take apart my cradle and see if anything obstructs where the headset attachment would go through---- There does seem to be a space for such a modification or perhaps a way to put a pin in there and put a jack on the side of the cradle.. (why wasn't this done by the manufacturer?)

    Anyways, whenever someone makes modes, it would be great if they'd post pics of their mods, even if they aren't pretty *hint Cyril* =)


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