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    I live in Belgium; I am considering leaving my current provider and switching to Base (Orange), which provides the i-mode service, based on iHTML. Does anybody know what is this about ? Is the T600 compliant with this kind of sevice ?

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    Hey, I'm from Holland, and I just use KPN's GPRS service. This way I can acces all websites I want, and use all mailservers that I want. In my opinion: I-mode s*cks! It narrows your possibilities to I-mode sites only, and charges you for every e-mail and byte!

    About the compatibility: don't know. But I would advise you to just take a GPRS service on your subscription!

    Good luck!
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    Meanwhile I discovered what Base's game is; they don't make their APN open, in other words, you have to buy one of THEIR i-mode enabled devices to be able to use i-mode (which is actually illegal in Belgium :-O ) so my T600 will never be Base i-mode enabled.

    I probably will end up getting a GPRS connection from another Belgian provider, which as you say, will allow me to browse i-mode sites. The reason why I thought of Base is because it's way cheaper than the rest... but now I know it won't do.


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