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    Sorry for the duplication - I must have written this the same time aznmode did.

    I finally got my phone active, but I've got some questions (forgive my ignorance)...

    I know my e-mail address for my phone, and I can check it on sprint's website - and via Blazer, but is there a way to send the e-mail directly to the phone - so that the treo will notify me if I get an e-mail?

    Also, I am able to send a text message to another phone, but I can't seem to get it on the treo - again i can view it on sprint's site - but is there a way to get directly to the phone? How does this compare to SMS (or is this SMS)?

    Finally, I run an exchange 2003 server which has a really nice mobile access server - has anyone used this compared to the business connection software? Any opinions?
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    You can send and recieve SMS by using Treo600SMS from

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