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    When I am using a headset on my Treo 600 while on the road, I cant tell if I'm pressing any of the buttons on the keypad when dialing numbers. On other sets like my nokia 7210 if I have the headset on I can here beeps through the headset when I press any buttons. This is not the case with my Treo. I need to take my eyes off the road to make sure the numbers are registering.

    It's the same issue with speaker mode on the Treo. I can hear it very very slightly but shouldnt it be louder if I'm using the speaker? It's actually louder when I'm not using the speaker. On my Nokia 7210 the beeps are very loud while on speaker.

    Is this a defect on my phone?
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    Originally posted by aznmode

    Is this a defect on my phone?
    No that's how it is...but I agree that it's annoying. In fact it was the same way with the Treo300 as well. I hope some developer comes out with an app to solve this annoyance...
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