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    I'm on my second T600. Just like the first one, the sound has stopped working. I'm not particularly hard on my Treo.

    After pulling my T600 out of my pocket, where I had it while wearing headphones, the external speaker stopped working. Oh sure, it works when the headset (not headphones, but the telephone headset) is plugged in, so it's not the speaker. The Jack works fine. It's just that with nothing plugged in, the external sound doesn't work.

    Hard reset does nothing. Hard, erase reset does nothing.

    PalmOne, please don't make me take my own life. It's just that I can't deal with this any more.

    All I want is a Treo that I can use for more than a month that continues to work. Is this an unrealizable dream?

    Can anyone help?

    Please? <begging sounds> <sobbing>

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    Take a look at all your 3rd party software and make sure they are solid programs. Its possbile that certain software is damaging your hardware.

    With my i705 I was running one of the first versions Datebook 5 that I had flashed to my ROM. Everytime I tried to edit my catagories I fried the i705 radio and could no longer get or send email. I went through 4 different i705's under warranty before I figured out what was happening. Palm never did figure out what happened.
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