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    I've had my Treo600 for about a month now and love it.

    I've been through tons of demo software and have settled on what I want to run.

    I'd like to start with a clean slate and install only the aps I'm going to use. I fear that I've got all kinds of crap left over from the many installs and deletes.

    How do I go about doing this? I know I can do a hardware reset, but what about "saved" vs. "unsaved" preferences. What do UI need to do about these, if anything.

    I've purchased "Uninstall Manager" and I plan on using that from the start for all application installs.

    Do I need to remove the sync software from both of my dekstop machines too (I sync to one at home and one in the office, same Outlook data).

    Thanks for your help!

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    Press J and the Backspace button while resetting.

    On your Desktop, rename the folder that is named after your device, or just delete the backup folder in that folder.

    Sync. Give it a new name or select one from the list (if you are given the choice).
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