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    Hello all--

    I have never used a fancy PDA/phone like the Treo 600. I am thinking of getting one through Cingular, but I'm confused about whether and how the web can be accessed. With Cingular service and a Treo 600, will I be able to browse all websites (or almost all), or will I be limited to "selected sites" with news, weather, sports, and other mundane info. In other words, can I call up any page I want?

    If not, is this something I can do with another provider (AT&T, or whoever else)?

    Thanks in advance,

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    ANY page

    or, just about any page. some complex ones may not fully work.
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    If you want data usage get Sprint. Everyone else is far worse and very expensive to use. But what do you want a phone or web a go-go?

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