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    This company makes iPod skins (silicon based?) at

    I sent an email to
    about making a Treo 600 iSkin as the leather ones seem a little bulky for me.

    Here's what they said:

    Hello darnell, thank you for your suggestion. We are monitoring customer demand for this product and will pass your suggestion to our product development team.

    iSkin Feedback Team


    Anyway, what do you guys think? They said they're monitoring customer demand whatever that means. I guess it wouldn't hurt to send them a request. I mean, there's no one making them for the Treo 600 now (i saw one making these for nokia somewhere). I'd like one. It even comes with a removable clip.

    You can see examples for iPods here:

    not sure which color would be best though.
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    Looks interesting. Reminds me of the Vaja i-Volution cases, only not leather. Plus they're a lot cheaper than Vaja if the iPod case is any indication of what a Treo600 case would cost if they made one...

    This is a link to the Vaja iPod case:

    I will definately write to this iskin company and express interest. I never really wanted a leather case anyway... my favorite case was a neoprene one I had on my old Motorola phone.
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    It looks like a condom for for the T600.
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    Originally posted by willp2
    It looks like a condom for for the T600.
    Yeah, I prefer the Magnum ribbed lubricated for my Treo 600 protection

    All kidding aside the Iskins work very well as an Ipod case, I would consider one for the Treo 600 as well.
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    If it was available in standard colors, I'd buy one in a heartbeat
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    I had one of these for my iPod. It really is kinda disgusting. First, it smells. I imagine it goes away after awhile, but initially it's a real turn off. Secondly it feels odd. I don't like a tacky rubber feeling on a device I handle constantly, it's just kind of unerving. It's hard to explain, some people may not mind, but it reminds of touching a dirty latex glove. The last problem is that it attracts dirt like a Hoover vacuum. I'm only slightly exaggerating too. It's constantly dirty. In it's a defense the skin is very washable, but who wants to worry about it?
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    I just want a case that's thin and form fitting. leather cases are too bulky.
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    Looking at it, the safety hand strap is BRILLIANT.

    If I had one of those for my Treo, I wouldn't have dropped it and had it smash. Yeah, I had the replacement insurance from Sprint, but I would rather have used this safety hand strap and not dropped it!

    I really like thie way this one looks and hope they make one for the Treo 600 SPRINT version. (Vaja is not currently offering the Ivolution for the Sprint version of the phone? What's up with that?)


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