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    Received 600 this week.So far very happy with performance.
    Question about backing up and sd card for mp3.Should i have two cards.. one for backing up (what size)and the other for mps?
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    Depends on how many MP3 files you want to have room for, and your backup requirements.

    BackupMan allows you to decide how many backup sets you save, so if you want to capture a snapshot of your Treo from a particular time, you might want room for several backup sets.

    Each backup set won't take up much more space than the RAM in your Treo though (and probably less), so there's lots of room for a few backup sets and plenty of leftover space with a 512MB card.

    So far, I've got 2 512MB cards. One for off-line programs AND backups, and another I keep exclusively for video (MMPLayer or Kinoma) for when travelling.

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