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    Hey there punters,
    I got my Covertect Luxury Leather Case today - and WHOA! My Treo fits as snug as a bug. I opted for the classy black leatheeeeerrrrrrr - Mmmmmmmm!

    The leather finsih is rather nice, it protects, but yet isn't too bulky.

    It clips into your trousers or belt really well in the horizontal fasion, yet the belt clip is not huge for when you don't want to use it that way.

    The earphone plug is exposed (oh-ahhh!) so that you can listen to MP3s or use your wee earbud thing for talking, like when it's raining and stuff.

    I am very pleased with it. I had almost forgotten I had ordered it too be honest, went away for a trip with work, and when I got home I noticed my credit card balance had dropped for some reason. Earlier that day had I also missed the parcel courier guy/girl - and thus put two and two together. I guess not a Christmas package from home, but one to myself - He he!
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