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    ...or shall I wait after all the bugs get ironed out? What do you think guys?
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    bugs, what bugs.....

    i have had mine since the fist day they hit. I ordered on Oct 17th or 20th (sokmething like that) and got it 5 days later. I love it.

    Yes, there are some minor issues, but most are third party sofware that clash and the programes are fixing.

    Some people have speaker problems, some others, people will alwasy cpomplain and if you wait till all the bugs are out, then you will never have it.

    i owuls say mine has no bugs (ie crash, stange behavoir), but yes, my external speaker may rattle a tad (I could buy a Bose Accustic Wave for $1000 if I wanted better sound), the camera is not the best (I could buy a Cannon M10 for $1500). In other words, if you want good pictures, buy a real camera. If you want great sound get a MP3 playre.
    If you want a convergance device that works well and does neat stuff, as well as take ok pictures for sharing, playes music for passing time, can get email, surf, edit and create Word,Excell and Powerpoint as well as other great PALM OS programs.Then this iss the ticket.

    Even better with all the free junk they are giving now and you can keep ur old number.

    If I had to do this all over, Treo600 all the way again. aint perfect, but darn good.

    Just my opinion, 2-cents worth and view point. I am not a pro, nor do I play one on TV...Matt Burkhard
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    Go for it

    I bought mine 2 days ago and despite reservations about the lo-res screen I love it.

    Something as advanced as this is always going to have a few glitches but I agree if you waited for it to be bug might be a long wait.
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    Agreed. If you know what you want, and the Treo 600 is it, why wait?

    I skipped the earlier "3G" products because I had a functioning Samsung SPH-I300. I hated the 8MB memory limitation, and wanted better data speed, but when I bought it, I decided to use it over a period of 2 years, and decided to wait for 3G until a device was available with Palm OS5 and memory expansion. So, in my case, I knew what I was waiting for and when I'd start looking, and the Treo showed up at just the right time.
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    I got a rev c and love it. Maybe I just got lucky but mine is great and it was everything all the hype said it would be.
    To me the phone is just about perfect size:
    About as small as they could make it without losing screen size. I have a sony T68 and while it is a great phone and smaller than the treo, it's screen is too small to be usefull (for pda stuff)

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    I've got a Rev B Sprint version. Got the the first one that hit Best Buy. No problems whatsoever. Speaker sounds great, no crashes, speedy as hell. I'm a former 300 user.

    And by the way, the speaker on the unit is clearly not designed to play music at even decent fidelity. But plug headphones into the jack and you've got a great MP3/OGG/whatever player. Plug a wire into a cassette adapter or something on a decent car sereo, and the music will blow you off the road.

    Plus it's, umm, a good phone .
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    i got mine 4 weeks ago..and for me it is the best invention since the internet! i use it at work...and it is fantastic. The only fault i can find with it is that i am spending less time with my wife!!!!
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    Go for it and have a merry christmas!
    I got mine 2 days ago and I still have a woody!
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    no reason to wait at all - i am on my third day as a very happy (thrilled is more like it) treo 600 sprint customer.

    my biggest problem is lack of sleep as i can't stop playing with it or looking for new neat stuff to do with it.

    call quality / coverage has been excellent and it is a great palm device.
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    Don't do it.

    I'm waiting for the next one.

    Here me out. I bought the Treo 300 even before Sprint launched its 3G network, so I have some perspective. Both phones are too buggy. I've read the Treo 600 boards carefully for the last few months, and if anything, I see more inherent problems reported with the 600 than I did with the 300.

    For old timers like me, most of the Treo 300 errors were network related. Not so with the 600.

    Treopod, take an honest look at the number of errors reported with the 600 and ask yourself if it's really worth it. Don't get me wrong, I paid full price for the 300 when it came out, and I'm glad I have it, but there's no way I will do it again.

    For the money, it's time these devices became a lot more reliable.

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