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    I have the Cingular GSM version Firmware 02.02 Treo600-1.06-CNG

    1/ Did some of you with the same firmware updated their phone to the 02.08 version ? Any benefits/problems since the upgrade ?
    2/ I f you did upgrade, what problems did you have before with your phone ? how can i check if mine has similar problems ?
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    i read the thread, but still feel nervous to do this to my phone. How many people with Cingular version Treo 600 running on T-Mobile have tried this successfully ?
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    I upgraded my Cingular phone. I did have some problems with GPRS disconnecting on me but I am reasonably sure it was just the T-Mobile network having problems because it was only a problem on tuesday and hasn't been a problem since.

    I had no errors in the upgrade. Went with out a hitch.

    Other than that, I haven't notice much difference except maybe better call quality (but that may be in my head)
    Jake Pratt

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