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    I need some help folks.

    I got my T600 and I like it. Keyboard input could be a bit easier, and the camera bites, but beyond that, I'm reasonably happy.

    But I whimper when I see the PalmOne handhelds...

    The T3 is gorgeous. 400Mhz, Bluetooth, and super res.

    But no keyboard. Thats a dealbreaker, I'm never going back to Graffiti again.

    (Although, now that I think about it, I rarely use my Treo for data entry anymore, I use it for data viewing... :: Do I really need the keyboard?)

    Well back to the point.

    Then theres the Tungsten C. Just as fast, much better res than the Treo... no bt though.

    ... Im just annoyed at the things I *cant* do on my Treo. Its a lousy game platform (yes I know, its not made for that)...

    It just occurs to me, that if I get a cheap bluetooth phone for data connectivity and a T3... (or a TC + Blue card), I can get an awesome handheld... Leave the phone strapped to my side most of the time when I'm doing data.. If I get the T3, as long as I dont do heavy data entry, the T3 is wonderful...

    I've got my iPod on my belt clip at all times, and I'm not particularly looking to carry three devices around, but I'm not sure its not worth it...

    Oh, and the Treos' battery lasts a lot longer ;p

    Please, help me check my logic ... is there something I'm missing? Is there some compelling reason not to just get a t3+phone and ditch my Treo600? (I've bought the phone but I've still got a few days to return and I'm getting the jitters)
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    This is totally a personal preference. I used to carry 2 devices. Went to the Kyocera 6035 2 years ago and have not looked back. I've had the Treo 600 for 1 1/2 months and I think is great that I can elect to carry it on my Piel Frama case or just slip it in my pocket. Also, I have been without a landline since 1999, I am not into games (only have Domino and Dopewars to kill time), and I wasn't even thinking about the camera. So this setup is perfect for me.

    Me = Nokia 5170/Palm III > Kyocera 6035 > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 755p > Treo Pro > Palm Pre

    Wife = Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 755p > Palm Centro > Palm Pixi
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    I am with Cash70, I used to go around with 2 devises for years... I ALWAYS dreamed about a combo, if only for those times that I wanna make a call while driving. (which I do a lot as a salesman on the road) I don˜
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    I'm running into a similar dilemna with the T600. I had a Treo 300 for over a year and got used to integrated phone/pda functionality. But when my company switched me to GSM service from AT&T earlier this year I decided to replace the 300 with a 600, which at the time had only been announced but not shipped.

    In the meantime I needed a phone so picked up a SE T616. Then I got a bt usb dongle for my laptop and a jabra bt headset. The bt setup is quite nice, I use the FMA mobilagent software which can read status info from the phone across the BT connection, dial for you, modeify SIM card entries, xfer files, etc. and with the usb dongle use the laptop speaker and mic for audio. There is even a bt kit for my 3-series BMW, however the jabra suffices for now while driving or walking across the airport looking for my connecting flight. Things are good and I don't even have a bt pda to pair the phone with yet.

    So, this week I have finally received and started to use the Treo 600 and somehow I'm not all that impressed. Certainly it is a great combo device, probably the best out there today, the rf reception is excellent compared to the SE T616, but still I find myself wanting to get a separate wifi/bt pda.

    What I found is that I don't often need pda and phone function at the same time. When I do its usually during work settings and the 616 is small enough to fit in my pocket all of the time - I seldom would need to touch it, I could initiate dialing from the PDA and talk via the bt headset, use the phone as a GPRS modem and later replace only the phone with an EDGE capable device (like a Nokia and get excellent rf reception to boot). Or, if there is wifi available, then use the PDA's wifi capabilities. For more social events, I would just grab the phone sans PDA and not look appear as geeky. The phone by itself does quite well in terms of having all of my contact info as well as slimmed down organizer functions should I need that.

    An option is to keep them both and just swap SIM cards. Of course, if the Treo had bt I probably would not be going through all of this...decisions...decisions


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