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    Does anyone know if SD and MM cards that were made for other Palms such as Tungsten and the M-etc models work in the Treo 600??

    I see a whole bunch of useful cards out there (many more than the 3-4 that PalmOne has on their website) but don't know if they work...

    BTW - I've had the Treo 600 for only a few weeks, and have already travelled abroad to Mexico and India with it. It is the most useful Techie TOOL (note: not just a gadget!) that I've had in probably 3-4 years! Bravo Handspring! ;-)
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    Hey Shaak,

    Some of the SD cards won't work on the Treo. For example many have reported that the Rayman game won't work etc. However, there should be no problem with bsic storage/backup cards...

    P.S. Which carrier did you use the Treo600 on in India? Hutch or something else! Shukria!
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    That's kinda depressing about the Treo not being able to use any/all SD/MM program cards for the Palm. PalmOS is supposed to be something that is very open and flexible, and anything running on it is cross-compatible - supposedly.

    Oh well, I'll really have to be careful what I buy for it or load on it then.

    Don't know who we used in India - all I know is that it said "Cingular Extended" on the scree, and everything worked... ! Bangalore and Chennai/Madras areas.

    Happy Treo-ing!

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