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    I just learned about CLOCKPOP via this thread, installed it on
    my 600 but can only get it to POP up the inital configuration
    Anywaze.. a while back I purchased a product called
    "DateBook on Clock" ($15 - Palmgear). It does, what I assume
    CLOCKPOP does. Datebook OC shows time, calendar, appoints,
    etc,. and can be set to always be there on a power-up.
    A demo version is available for tryout.
    (Contrary to what's advertised on Palmgear you get version 2.05 and it's color).
    Well, so much for CLOCKPOP, I thought I'd just try it for the
    heck of it. I suggest you all check out the trial version of
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    Yeah it seems nice...but since clockpop is free, I think I'll stick with that! Thanks for sharing though!
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