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    I didn't see anyone else post this, so I thought I'd let everyone know that Agendus 7.01 was released yesterday which supports the Treo600. I just installed it, so far so good.
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    I tried it this morning and I think the dpad support still needs work. It is very difficult to dial a phone number from the contacts view with just the dpad. I'll be waiting until they do this right.

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    while I guess we should aplaud Iambic for their continuing efforts to work better with the 600, this latest version is one step forward and one back. The nav pad does more now, but one of the things they've caused is the inability to scroll from day to day/week to week. You now have to nav up to the appropriate button and advance a day/week at a time. Not a huge issue, but kinda cumbersome. They'll probably keep refining it.
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    with 7.01 I'm getting a soft reset almost everytime I use agendus. This happens frequently when I go from agendus to the regular phone app. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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    Originally posted by paulsjmail
    with 7.01 I'm getting a soft reset almost everytime I use agendus. This happens frequently when I go from agendus to the regular phone app. Is anyone else experiencing this?
    That has happened to me a couple of times since I installed 7.01 standard. However, I have not been able to repeat it manually.
    I'll continue to monitor the situation.
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    Resets going from Agendus->Phone app every time, no exception (so far) Happens with wireless mode ON and OFF

    Problem persists even after changing apps. Eg Agendus->ZLaucher->PhoneApp = reset, has happend with all programs I have tested (again, so far).

    Hmmm.. I love the changes, but I might need to roll back a version for now.
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    I was going to install .01, but then read in the agendus forum, that they are looking into this crash.

    I think I will wait.
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    I have upgraded too many times already for basically the same thing. I'll be paying $9.95 to have basically the same thing I had on my previous T615. I tried Datebk 5, and once I gave it a good go, I could get it to do much of what Agendus did. But alas no winner for me so far. I'm also not ready to purchase Datebk 5. This is the first time I've sat on the fence and held out with the more simple built in version - I'm still OK with it.

    I am keeping my eyes and ears open though. I also enjoy these kinda threads which help me decide what might be best for me.

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    spooky !!!
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    Take this for what its worth but I found it pretty interesting.

    If you go to you can search for agendus standard. If you look at the reviews for agendus standard, you will see only positive reviews (all dated December 18th).

    Now just the other day I was thinking about purchasing agendus for palm. So, I went to palmgear and looked at the reviews. I noticed one unfavorable review (dated December 18th). I went back the next day and all of a sudden the unfavorable review was gone from the main page. Now you have to click on the "see more reviews" link in order to see it.

    What was interesting is that there are just enough positive reviews to push the one unfavorable review off the page. Also, the dates on all the other reviews were from quite a while ago. So someone posts an unfavorable review that shows up on the main page and then all of a sudden 5 people post glowing reviews of agendus standard edition.
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    I tried using Agendus 7.01 and was happy with it, except for the fact it keeps causing my treo to reset... makes it kind of hard to work

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    Agendus 7.02 has been released, I haven't tried it yet, but I thought I'd let you know just in case...
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    Have downloaded and install 7.02. Looks fine to me. Still trying to navigate around with the 5-way. Other than that no crashes or anything.

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