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    Hey everyone...

    What is everyone's thought on this...

    I want to wait for the tmobile version of the treo 600 but my plan with cingular ends in 14 days (at that point i pay $.35 per minute for cell phone use).

    A co-worker offered to give me his old Erickson T610 to use until the tmobile treos come in. He said to call and say you already have a phone and they will give you a credit for one phone at promotional cost. At that point I would purchase the tmobile treo 600 at the promotional cost (which, you would think would be around $499).

    What are everyones thoughts on this?
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    I say buy your T600 from handspring directly and don't sign a contract w/ T-Mo. if need be, I'll GIVE you a serial number just so those jerks @ T-Mo won't make money selling the T600. lord know thy don't deserve to! Besides, the handspring upgrade price is $100 less than that T-Mo will give you

    Of course this implies that T-Mo will be selling and supporting the T600. That's not clear yet because the bastards @ T-Mo are keeping us in the dark!

    Do I sound annoyed?
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    Let me know if that offer for the serial number still stands...

    I called tmobile and they told me that they have to give me a phone now and that there is a 70% chance I'd get the promotional price for the treo in the future. Their recommendation is to prepay until that happens. I found that to be the most stupid alternative.

    I asked the CSR to tell me "off the record" when the phones will come out and she put me on hold for a few minutes and came back saying it could be as short as a few weeks and as long as a few months.

    I called Cingular a few weeks ago and they said they couldn't budge on the phone price ($499) but can be very flexible with the rate (both phone and data)...

    Maybe I will call them next...
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    I love the new T-Mobile commercial where the guy throws his ball and chain over the wall to the "greener side" of T-Mobile. How can the grass be greener on the other side if you don't communicate what's going on?

    Even if they had a link on their products page that gave a brief "we have nothing new to report" would be better than nothing.
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    The TREO 600 and its sales are important to palmOne.

    The TREO 600 is just another cellphone to T-Mobile.

    Or less (*).

    You really shouldn't forget that.



    The TREO 600, due to flat data rates, will not pull in any more money than any other data-using cellphone, pretty much.

    That means T-Mobile is best advised to pay attention to selling lots of cheap data-using cellphones.

    And is exactly what Handspring told us was the problem with flat data rates.

    T-Mobile can sell 3 or 4 cheap cellphones, making 3 or 4 times MORE money, than 1 TREO 600.

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