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    Just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that the new skinner for the treo600 was released today... you can find it at:

    Skinner for the treo600

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    It's way cool, but for $9, will there be more skins forthcoming? 3 Holiday skins and 2 others won't cut it after the holidays.
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    So how's this different from the existing free method for installing a custom dial pad? Ease of use? Synching one file wasn't too hard for me. Is it better quality?

    Compared to the zillion of things I can change using ZLauncher I wouldn't call this a skinner anyway. A skinner should let you change the skin for much more UI elements than just the dial pad.

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    Mol, what existing method are you talking about?
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    Yeah, is there some way to modify button appearance without a 3rd party app?
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    Yeah, this just seems to automate the phone dialer hacking that users here on Treocentral did already. Note, the first skin shown is the one by Derek! However, it might be worthwhile for those want something a bit more simple...
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    excellent! i love these customizations.. skinner isn't "skinning" my favorites, though..

    how does that work?


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