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    I found a company that makes sofware for Treo (including 600!!!) which should enable you to use it as a modem via the hot sync cable. Here is the link

    did anyone tried that already?

    I'm planning to download the trial as some point, if someone already did or will do it sooner, please post your review.

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    It first started with the Treo 300 and now the Treo 600. Do a search for palmnet and you should find a few discussions about the software.
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    dont let sprint catch you or its bye bye vision.
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    PDANET works awesome! Kicks the crap outta wireless modem.

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    It's been around since late spring. It is THE killer app for the Treo. Do yourself (and Eddie Hui) a favor and register it. You'll find that you get more than your money's worth.

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