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    I donít know what is the problem with SprintPCS and it way of handle the two-way sms. I having been waiting for what two months (seem like forever). I talked with a SprintPCS tech support two months ago and was told that two-way sms will be released the first week of December that came and went. I call them back today and was they move it to mid December and now itís moved to mid January 2004 with no comment date. This really tís me off.

    I know there is third party software that I can get to solve the problem but why buy a fix when SprintPCS claims they will solve the problem?
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    Why buy a 3rd party fix? Because Treo600 SMS works great. And it's cheap. You'll never miss the fact the Sprint doesn't actually support two-way SMS. Now pardon me while I fire off a message to my wife....
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    The date is will be pushed back to April. Sprint......

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