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    It happened tonight to me as well. The only apps running were Snappermail and Blazer.
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    mine has happened with the cdma sprint treo mail app.

    i figured it out that it only happened when i have a certain level of mail on the server, it freezes my phone when mail app checks. if it's under that amount, no freeze.
    i'm not sure what the max is but last time when i downloaded the mail through my computer, i had 500-700 emails. after that, the phone doesn't freeze.

    sounds like a bug of some sort.
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    I have had this problem for almost 3 weeks now and have not found a final solution yet. I took it to the sprint shop today and they did a software upgrade and it seemed to work fine after that. However, i went home, did a hard reset, resynced my settings, and viola! problem came right back. Im not sure if it removed my software upgrade or not, but I would like to find a way to download my own software upgrade without having to go to the store. Does anyone know how to do this? This might be a solution to this!

    The problem persist even after a hard reset with nothing installed so I don't think its a 3rd party software specific problem.

    Another problem is that when I took it to the store, it worked fine and passed all the test. The network search issue only happens when I have 2 or 1 bars and they usually have 3-4 bars in the sprint stores. Its hard to prove and this has not been documented as a known issue yes, from what they've told me, for them to just give you a new one even though it is still under warranty. If anyone finds a way to get a new one, let me know.

    What I have also done is compare the service with my friend's 600 side by side in the same room. Only mine has the issue. I also compared the software version and they are both 1.0 . Everything else seems identical and I cannot find a difference to explain what may be causing this. Its really frustrating if you ask me, especially when you really need to call and the network keeps resetting your phone.
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    I'm still having this problem on my Treo, and have been having it for almost a YEAR now! My wife has a 600 as well. She also has this problem! We are both VERY frustrated by it. While I have lots of 3rd party apps installed, my wife's only 3rd party app is SnapperMail. I'm running Snapper, my wife is also running v2. So the upgrade didn't help us. I'm blaming Snapper on this problem. Anyone else??
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    No problems. Running Snapper 2 too. Have been for a loooong time (had it on my 300). I've had my 600 for a looong time as well. No lockups. Occasionally Verichat will make the phone appear to hang if I set it up a certain way. But it always comes back within a minute or two.
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    i've had several variations of lock-ups (besides certain spam mail locking up my treo). one that i can repeat somewhat is when the battery goes down to almost zero, my phone will freeze. it unfreezes by plugging in the charger or by popping out the SD card. none of my apps & data are gone (ie., no hard reset), but some of my programs get corrupted like intelligolf. intelligolf uses mathlib, but mathlib is known to be incompatible so that might be my problem.
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