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    I bought Monsta a few minutes ago on the recommendation of some folks in another thread. The graphics are OK, but what is the point of the game? How are you supposed to play?

    Yes, I read the instructions. I think something's lost in the translation. I must be missing something.
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    Oh yeah, and for those that said this was "the best game for Palm," you should really get out more .

    Joust, GTS Racing, Scrabble, Zap!2016, Tetris, Defender, Backgammon, Bejeweled....

    Al of these are very good.
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    I''m at work so I can't elaborate much, but here's the skinny:

    Monsta is a turn-based strategy game.

    You have a limited number of moves per turn and a limited number of health points. Walking or Attacking consumes a move point. You start out in a maze-like level with different enemies and goals, each level is different and unique. Sometimes the goal is to eliminate the enemies, sometimes it is to collect a key and reach a door, sometimes it is to collect extra items.

    There's many different kinds of enemies: some of them perform 2 moves per turn, some of them can do 3 moves per turn, some of them 4 per turn, etc. They also vary in stregth, some require 2 hits to die, some of them 3, or 4.
    Enemies also attack very differently: some have only melee range attacks (can only attack you when they're standing next to you), some of them have long range weapons (can attack you from far away), some of them can place timed bombs, etc. They even try to steal powerups before you reach them. All enemies behave differently, some are very aggressive and some are more sneaky or defensive.

    You can collect powerups such as extra move points (more moves per turn), better weapons (more damage per shot), health points, etc.

    The challenge is to beat each level. Sounds simple but each level requires its own complex strategy to beat. First few levels are easy compared to what you will find from level 10 on. It gets extremely challenging, and formulating the correct strategy is very rewarding. The most dificult levels for me are the ones where there is this one monster that can actually break through walls.

    I am one of those who says Monsta is the best game ever for Palm, and I really stand by my opinion. I have tried all the other games you mentioned above, (i'm a very long time Palm owner) and nothing comes close to Monsta in my mind as the perfect Palm game. On top of it being more challenging (and rewarding) than any other game, I really love the graphic style, the subject matter, and to top it off it's truly playable with a single hand from start to finish without giving up any effectivity.

    Just my 2 cents!

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