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    I receive voicemails forwarded to my email account. They arrive as .wav files.

    I'm wondering if there's a way to play .wav files on a Treo 600, preferably without converting them.

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    Use Ptunes... it supports mp3, wav, OOG etc. Just save the wav file to the appropiate directory and open with Ptunes...
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    Thanks for the PTunes suggestion. I'm having trouble implementing it though.

    As I read the Ptunes directions, it says it will play wavs from a memory card, so I'll need to copy the wav files, attached to email, onto the memory card.

    I've got PTunes and a flash memory card installed.

    As the Ptunes instructions indicate, I can't get Ptunes to play the wav while it's in the email (unlike the easy ability to view attached pictures.

    But I can't figure out how to get the attached wav files to copy to the memory card, either from Handspring Mail v 1.02 Beta, or from Eudora 2.1.


    Thank you.
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    when you read your email just save the attachment to the card.
    there should be an option to save.

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