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    On my laptop, I can connect to my office email either via a web browser or via a VPN and opening up Outlook.

    I can use Outlook Web Access on the T600, and can see email, but the interface is too clumsy to be practical. (Plus I can't send)

    Can I use a VPN client and then something like VersaMail to relicate what I do on Outlook. Or more generally, what do people use the VPN (like Mergic) for?
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    Yes, you can use VPN and a Treo mail client such as VersaMail to connect to your corporate email. VPN is a security protocol that makes a "private" connection over the public Internet. It's the only way many companies will allow access to their email servers outside the corporate intranet (outside their firewall) due to security issues. Outlook Web Access is not very secure.

    There are several kinds of VPN, PPTP and IPSec,and you need to make sure the VPN client you use provides the kind of VPN that your mail server will talk to. You also need to find out if you can reach your email server through a POP3 connection or need IMAP. IMAP is generally required for corporate servers. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of Palm email clients that support IMAP. VersaMail is one of them. Don't expect all the folder management and attachment functions you get with Outlook though, none of the Palm email clients does all the stuff Outlook does.
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    Actually, GoodLink pretty much mirrors Outlook but you have to install the server component.

    If your backend server is Exchange, you could be in trouble. If they have POP and IMAP turned off, they probably only support MAPI, in which case you are SOL on the Palm without GoodLink.
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    Exchange can be configured to allow IMAP access to specific email accounts. You may have to ask your IT to provision this for you, and there is no reason for them not to do so with the proviso that the connection will only be allowed through a VPN. Direct attachment to an Exchange server via VPN is FAR more secure than OWA.

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