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    Just having noticed a reference to Treohelper's SMS trigger function in another thread I had a look at it.

    It would appear to be able to launch an email app when the Treo receives a defined SMS message.

    Now I don't have any of the email apps it supports, just use the default HS GSM email, so can anyone tell me if/how this works?

    It has also struck me that if Treohelper (or another app) was suitably modified this could provide an easy way of invoking the security lock if (heaven forbid!) the Treo got lost...

    lose Treo... send it a specially coded SMS... Treo locked and displaying your owner details...

    Any coder care to tackle this?
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    Yeah, I brought that up to Potatoho in the mega Treohelper thread. You might want to ask him about that over there...
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    Thanks for pointing me to that thread gfunk... took some reading though!

    Anyway I see that there is an app to do just what I describe with security called Msafe

    Only slight hitch is that their Treo600 version is not ready yet...
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    what would be REALLY cool is a 'where are you' SMS handler that responded with an SMS or email containing the active cell tower info so you could calculate an approximate position...

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