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    When I had my T300, I had the PDAapps TreoAlrtMgr and it would flash the screen. I was suprised when the version for the T600 didn't have this. I was looking at their site today and on the version 2.03, that I have, it shows a box for Flash Screen, but I don't have it on mine.

    Does anyone w/ a T600 have the option to Flash the Screen?

    TIA, Matt Burkhard
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    The folks at PDAapps said that it would be coming in a later version
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    Thanks, i thought no one was going to answer.
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    That could be a Cool Option!
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    The screen flashing feature would have to to be an optional feature you can turn on and off. Otherwise it could run your battery down quite a bit if it starts flashing and your not there to see/hear it.

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    IMHO it would be a better option to flash the Wireless Mode (charge indicator) light from green to red quickly to show that you have missed a call. Less battery consumption than the entire screen flashing.
    Just my $0.02.

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