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    I am located in the Bay Area in Northern California. I have been an AT&T Digital user for many years. I have been waiting for a combination PDA / Phone for sometime. Originally I was interested in the SONY P800 and had an opportunity to try one last year on AT&T GSM. Great Phone, very poor service. I acquired an AT&T version of the Treo 600 as well as the Sprint Treo 600 and proceeded to compare service to my trusty but obsolete Nokia on AT&T Digital. My basis was highly unscientific , but I used the field strength indicator and the "no service " indication on each phone as the basis of comparison. After driving around for about 100 miles in the Bay Area, covering high and low population areas including a trip to Santa Cruz, the most consistent coverage tends to be AT&T Digital. A very close second is Sprint PCS that occaionally roams to Verizon Service. AT&T GSM, in my opinion, is not ready for prime time. I dropped service on El Camino Real, a major thoroughfare several times while the Sprint hung in there, same goes for US 101 and I280. Also when the signal stregth was low on all 3 phones the Sprint phone had noticebly clearer call with less fading and drop outs. Bottom Line: If you want a TREO 600, consider Sprint. (PS: I do not own anystock in Sprint, but I do own AT&T stock). I did not consider Cingular for a variety of reasons, the chief of which is there seems to be no roaming agreements that would back up to analternate network other than AT&T GSM which is not very good in it's own right.

    I would be interested in anybody's experience with these networks.
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    I've had Sprint for many years (maybe 7?). During this time I've lived principally in CEntral Virginia (Richmond), but spent two years living in Morgan Hill and working in Mountain View (South Bay Area). I've had some minor issues with Sprint, but during this time I've watched a dozen or more mobile services come and go (or "change names" or whatever), and I've watched friends and family suffer poor coverage, poor customer service, and the pain of constantly changing numbers. Relatively speaking, I've been very pleased with Sprint.

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