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    does anybody know the data/sync port pinouts.

    can somebody please post these pinouts?
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    O.K. I have searched high and low and find only a few dead links for these pinouts.

    Anybody have these??
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    Treo pin out:
    5 hot sinc+ gnd
    6 gnd
    7 usb -
    8 usb +
    12,13 gnd
    14,15 5,2v
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    Thanks atari

    But do you or anybody else know what the rest of the pins do?

    Is there a serial port located on these pins?
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    nice .... so i can use the treo to power something small like, like a LED. (my brain is going MAKE A FLASH) Now i only need something to trigger the flash ... anybody ?

    mhhh ... atari, did you get this of a site ? And if so, could you post it here. Maybe there's some more info on there.
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    I get pinout myself by opening treo conector
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    I did the same for power and usb but I don't have a serial sync cable and would like to know what pins are used for the serial port.
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    From a preliminary copy of Treo600DevelopersGuide.PDF

    Table 19.6 Treo 600 Bottom Connector Pin Summary

    I = input, O = output, P = power
    Pin Name I/O/P1 Function

    1 RXD I Receive Data
    2 TXD O/P Transmit Data/Power
    3 No Connect GPIO to internal battery pack
    4 HS2* I Serial Cradle Detect
    5 HS1* I HotSync Interrupt
    6 GND P Ground
    7 USB_D- I/O USB Data Negative
    8 USB_D+ I/O USB Data Positive
    9 DQ I/O 1-wire communication pin
    10 PACK+ P a1 Battery Positive Terminal
    11 PACK+ P a1 Battery Positive Terminal
    12 GND P Ground
    13 GND P Ground
    14 VDOCK P Cradle Power (charging)
    15 VDOCK P Cradle Power (charging)

    Active-low signals have a "*" at the end of their names.

    If you're interested in doing serial things with a Treo, or Visor, be forewarned that this isn't RS-232. The signals are TTL.

    Check out these links for info from those that have "been there and done that." : )

    Using Visor with RS-232

    Handspring Visor Page


    Good Luck
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    Originally posted by Lucky_One
    From a preliminary copy of Treo600DevelopersGuide.PDF

    <big snip>
    Is there somewhere I can download this?


    Bill S
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    So could I use a MC1489 to connect treo to serial devices?

    It iterfaces TTL logic with RS-232C.

    This would be great because these are easy to get and I already have a few anyway.

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