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    Hey guyz I got some pics I want to add to my phone any ideas on how to do this quick.
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    Nice tush!! The only way I have found to put photos on my Treo600 is to email them to myself and when you click on the photo in the email it saves it to your pictures file on the Treo
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    When I click on a photo attachment it doesn't save it anywhere. I just stays attached to my e-mail. I use InBox to Go as an e-mail app, I'm on Sprint.

    You can also use the Transfer folder on your PC and Hot Syc. Look in your Handspring program, Treo Pictures, click on your folder and then the Transfer file appears.

    Good Luck
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    I am on Sprint also. I downloaded the Handspring Email program (beta version) for Sprint Treo 600. It handles attachment of pictures perfectly. If you have a webpage, you could also upload the picture there and than enter the address http://blah.blah.blah/blah.jpg to your blazer and you can download it directly.
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    Just put them in the transfer folder of your Treo picture folder. That's the easiest way and will automatically transfer on your next hotsync...
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    GSM Treo 600s seem to come with Pixer MMS, so I just send emails to my phone account with pics as attachments. It seems to work ok... I'm om T-Mobile and have a $2.99/month MMS addon.

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