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    Is there any application I can load o install mp4?
    Bought some iTunes and that's the format.
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    I don't know of any apps that will do AAC (the iTunes MP4 based format) but you can convert the AAC files to MP3. I used to burn CD and then rip them (then I get backup CD's of my purchased musc). Now I use a tool called LAME to just do straight conversions of AAC to MP3. If you are on the Mac, you can use a nice script at:

    If you use that, iTunes will get a nice little menu option to convert files to MP3.
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    Just tried it. So I got "Convert Selection to mp3" ... but when I tried to do it with the iTune I purchased I got a dialog box "cannot be converted because protected files cannot be converted to other formats."
    Help please!
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    I think the only way would be to burn it to a CD and then rip that CD to MP3...

    - Mike
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    Yep. Burn to a standard audio CD, then rip the audio CD to MP3 format. Slight loss in quality, but not too noticable. iTunes and the new Napster didn't win any points from me with the protected file structure.
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    sftreo, if you installed the iTunes-Lame thing correctly, there will be a apple script menu item that will say "Import with LAME". This will work, I use it all the time. The "Convert to MP3" option is the built in iTunes conversion, and it won't work on AAC files.
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    If you wanna bypass the burn-and-reimport process, grab a copy of AudioHijack, record the MP4 direct to disk as an AIFF and reencode as MP3.

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