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    There have been a lot of posts in other threads about the screen on the Treo 600 coming on randomly. It has been attributed to anything from faulty software to looking for a signal. Anyways, I believe I have tracked down TreoAlertMgr as one cause.

    I posted in this about how TreoAlertMgr prevents Off-It from working properly (it keeps turning the screen back on while on a phone call). I posted a workaround in that thread, about having the Seconds beween alerts set to >120 seconds, but I'm finding it STILL happens on occaision.

    In addition, I have found a problem with using Audible turning the screen back on. While listening to audiobooks (I turn the screen off by pushing the normal power button), it keeps turning the screen back on after a few minutes. The problem doesn't go away with disabling TreoAlertMgr, I have to DELETE TreoAlertMgr from my PDA. The problem returns when I reinstall and enable TreoAlertMgr.

    I'm suspecting TreoAlertMgr is also causing the random screen turn ons. The annoying thing is, is that when it is turned on randomly, the Auto-off feature doesn't seem to kick it off in a few minutes like it's supposed to. The dang thing will stay on for HOURS if I don't notice it and turn it off again!

    Anyways, is anyone else having the problem with Audible and TreoAlertMgr? As soon as someone else can confirm, I will email PDAApps and complain. It's getting really annoying...
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    I've used TreoAlertMgr for several days now and haven't had any problems yet. However, I don't have Audible (I'm assuming that's a program and not the audible feature of TreoAlertMgr).
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    Do you have an option for sceen flash on your TreoAlrtMgr 2.03?
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    I use TreoAltMgr v2.03 and Audible. I can confirm the same issues you are having.

    I did install Sandman. It seems to have helped the problem, but it hasn't fixed it entirely. Sandman will let you use a hotkey to turn the screen off. I use that to disable the screen when listening to Audible content. It works about 80% of the time cutting down by far the number of times the screen is powered back on during listening.

    I'm hoping Audible or TreoAltMgr fixes it.
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    I also suspect TAM is responsible for some of my random "screen-on's". I just haven't been able to confirm it yet.
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    Originally posted by Burkhardi
    Do you have an option for sceen flash on your TreoAlrtMgr 2.03?
    A little off topic, but I think that was only in the old version of TreoAlertMgr (I never used it before I got my 600)

    Anyways, is there anyone having random screen power on's who is NOT using TreoAlertMgr?

    I guess I will email the author, hopefully others will do the same if they think it is also due to TreoAlertMgr
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    Sorry WC..

    Figured with the poor responce I was getting with the post under the correct topic, I would post in the "TreoAlrtMgr 2.03 Random Screen..." due to the captive TAM2.03 users that may respond to this one, Plus it does deals with TreoAlrtMgt2.03 and the Screen.

    Also if if it did have the option, perhaps checking it or unchecking it may cure the issue you are having. I didn't know if my version had an install issue or it just was not an option yet?

    If you go to PDA Apps site, you will see the option for Screen Flash on the T600 resoruce area. I was told that it may happen in a later version.

    From PDA Apps site:
    TreoAlertMgr allows you to completely control how and when your phone alerts you about missed calls, unheard voicemail and unread text messages and pages. You can have the system play a sound, vibrate and/or flash the screen periodically when you have unheard voicemail or unread pages/text messages.

    Try TreoAlertMgr free today!

    TreoAlertMgr now works on the Treo600

    Also the screen shot shows the option. but I see your angle, it was probalby the write up for the T300 and they just added the T600 support.
    I would really like the feature myself.
    Regards,Matt burkhard

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