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    i have a treo600 on sprintpcs network now i lov my treo but last week i notice thati cannot log in to pcs vison and keep geting error 67 i call and call but get no where so i went to the sprint store she toke it to the back 5 min later she came back saying that ( sprintpcs system has a glitch and that some phone are affected and some are not. well i am asking if anyone has goting this glitch beside me
    juan c
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    in miami too...
    got a treo 600 but it is working fine...
    i got 2 phones that have ready link that i have been trying to get to work (the ready link part) and i get error 67
    i can get to the web
    i can use voice
    but no RL
    having this problem since yesterday...

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