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    I can't get it to work yet -- at least I can't get the converter to work (converts .dsk Apple programs to .pdb). Seems extremely cool once you get it to work. Maybe someone can get it working and then just post converted games (I have a huge list of .dsk games).

    Go to download to download the latest version -- 0.7.5.a.

    You install the .rom files and then convert .dsk files (everywhere on the web) to .pdb (.dsk.pdb) and can play them on your Palm.
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    Since you brought it up...

    what Apple II games do you have (and will they really run on the T600)?
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    Yeah do they have that "The Little People" or that computer game where you type in commands that and the guy would do them that the Sims was based on?

    How about Oregon Trail or Carmen Sandiego...?

    Where do you find these games online...? I hope they're all public domain.

    Apple II Bring back so many memories
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    If only we could figure out how to get this to work.

    It would be soooooo great to listen to be on my treo 600, listening to music, and playing Wizardry or Bard's Tale. WOOHOO!
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    I got it work -- you need to us MS DOS (Command prompt) -- then run converter. But alas, it doesn't appear to work with the Treo 600. has a good forum for users of the emulator.

    You need to put all the files in your C: drive. Then type cmd into start/run -- that gives you MS DOS prompt. Then type dsk2pdb filename.dsk -- and it creates filename.dsk.pdb

    And pretty much any Apple II game ever is available online if you do a search for filename.dsk
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    You guys got the Apple IIe emu to work on the Treo600? I tried a while ago and it jsut caused the device to reset? Any info would be appreciated...
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    No it doesn't work yet on the Treo. Feel free to nag the developers!

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