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    A Sprint tech support guy told me that there's a new version of Business Connection coming in January that will:

    a) fix the problem that causes a system reset when an incoming email has >100 recipients

    b) feature real-time calendar updates over the air, directly into the Datebook application, obviating the need to use the poorly-implemented browser interface to see the current calendar.

    Can anyone confirm or deny?
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    I'm beta testing the BizConn software for Seven, the company who makes the BizConn software for Sprint. I can confirm that they have said wireless calendaring will be released before the end of the Beta testing, which is Jan 15. This beta has worked great so far - I get my mail pushed in only 1-5 minutes. Can't wait for the calendar feature, though...
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    What other features will be upgraded in the new BC?

    Will they update email hyperlinks?
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    What about attachments?!?!?!?!? My god, I can't believe I can't view jpgs or gifs or most other non-MS office attachments directly on my treo through Biz connect.

    Please tell me that will change.
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    The heck with that, have they fixed the alerting problem yet?

    I can't really replace my blackberry until the device accurately tells me to look at it...
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    yes the alerts have been fixed for some time now.
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    what great news about the calendering feature. i've been trying to get my calendar to wirelessly sync via BC for 2 weeks now. No one at Sprint informed me that an upcoming release would address this. In fact the current BC software infers that the calendar from outlook can be sync'd over the the email push. I'll hold out for the release in January. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Calender can be used in BCEE by browsing into the site instead of using client on device. Support will also depend on exchange or domino environment. Old version no, 2000 and R5 yes. Jan time frame is overly aggressive...look to end of Feb.
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    Will the new Palm BC version allow you to accept a meeting request? I can do it via the web, but not the palm client....

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