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    ordered a cingular version off the hs site it got here in 2 days!!!! whoopee!!! then i put my t-mo sim in and voila its working. now i place a call and well the person on the other end cant hear a thing then i try speaker phone and same issue... So i plugged in the hands free and the only way they can hear me is if i scream while holding the little mic near my mouth... i call handspring and all they had me do was reset the device (btw the india tech support is awesome NOT) so after 10mins with my treo they are replacing it. has anyone had this issue? did you find a solution?
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    All the following clues lead to one obvious decision, return that pricey Treo 600 and get another one. As far as I know, the mic is located on the bottom of the keypad which is more offset towards the rear of the unit, making you speak "off mic" so to speak. However, I have had no complaints of callers hearing me perfectly fine and the speakerphone tends to give out an echo-like conversation when the mic tries to catch my voice from afar. Just my 2 cents worth, that's all.
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    You might have gotten a bad unit. Most Cing T600's w/ TMo service work w/o a hitch. Mine is ok and I call from the East Coast and people on the West Coast hear me just fine. Might be your particular phone. Just get a replacement if you haven't already.
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    Yeah, might also be his particular location doesn't allow a Cingular cellphone to work with the T-Mobile network under all conditions.


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