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    Hello All,

    Like a lot of you, I am sitting with 2 Treo 600 locked to AT&T. I am now in Europe and cannot use these damned units. But, I do have an idea. All you Palm/Treo experts, please let me know if it is possible.

    How about a Cingular (unlocked Treo) owner upload a handspring 600 ROM from their unlocked phones and we (the poor locked-to-AT&T souls) install the ROM (using some palm software) and use.

    Will this work? Let me know and if it does, then lets witch-hunt some Cingular Treo 600 owners.


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    If I were you I'd just try one of those GSM unlocking services first. One such site was mentioned in this thread. And a google search turned up many others. Sounds a bit more plausable than fussing with ROM.

    (The service isn't free however)
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    From what I understand, upgrading the firmware will NOT unlock the phone's simlock.

    There is a thread about this @

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    I was referring to changing the ROM file itself...not just the firmware...would that work?

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