I am fairly new to all this and really need your help!! I just bought a treo 600 and I would like to sync it with my contacts in Entourage. I just upgraded to Entourage X 10.1.5 and installed Palm Desktop that came with the treo CD to update my palm desktop 4.0. I also installed the Entourage sync 10.1.4. However when I read the instructions on mactopia explaining how to sync, here's what it says:
Open hot sync manager (I assumed this was in Palm Desktop) and select conduit settings (which I did), then select Entourage conduit. Now that's where I get stuck. I don't see anything called "entourage conduit" I only have two things "backup conduit" and "install conduit". Otherwise I have in my disabled folder "datebook" "contact" etc. (when I installed sync 10.1.4 a pop-up said it would move my palm desktop conduit into a disabled folder and place the entourage conduit in the conduit folder), but I can't find any "entourage conduit". I tried reinstalling the entourage sync 10.1.4, but it did not change anything.

Please help me if you know what the issue is because I would really like to start using my treo and I am completely stuck right now.