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    i tried to download pocket tunes on my 600 and got an error message... "the file you have requested is in a format that is not currently supported. you will need to install an application which can read this file type if you would like to load it."?

    any help?
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    you need to download to your computer, unZIP the archive, read the documentation / installation instructions, and hot sync it.

    Hotsync requires you to double click the .prc file of pocket tunes and selecting the user on your treo hotsync, and then pushing the hotsync button on the cable while treo is connected.

    Good luck!
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    Help! I just received a link from Palm with Pocket tunes for installation. I did the whole deal but when I dc on the .prc it says the the file doesn't exist. Also, assuming I get Ptunes on my treo can someone walk me through downloading one MP3. I only want to put oldies on my treo. Any suggestions as to the best site. I want to pay-not pirate.

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