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    I was wondering if any of you guys tried the retractable sync cable from boxwave. It looks very cool, and I was thinking of taking it with my powerbook, instead of the regular cable.

    also, do you guys use the boxwave screen protector? I have trimmed down my protectors from my old palm to fit the treo, but they're preatty crappy ones. Any experiences?

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    Refer to this thread regarding the minisync cable. Also here's a review of the clear touch screen protectors. Personally I think the two best products are either the cleartouch of the G2, but proably prefer the former b/c of fear of damaging the cushioning around the screen with the G2...
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    This review convinced me to get the Boxwave ClearTouch:

    and so far (~2 weeks) I've been happy with it.
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    thank y'all! I think I'm gonna go for the boxwave, as soon as I get back from vacation. Thanks!
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