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    Originally posted by PeteEMT
    I've also noticed that mine may have "molded" the leather to fit it incorrectly as the bottom does not fit that snugly and the hotsync connector hole doesnt line up completely.
    I have a Sprint Treo 600 and it does the same thing. The leather cut seem to be wrong and it leaves the bottom fitting incorrectly. A big pain in respect that you can't charge it or cradle it well.

    Was thinking of pulling the slack out, but it would be quite difficult to sew.

    I'm not too keen on either of the Bellagio designs cases.
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    I just ordered the T600 Bellagio Designs (BD) Flip Style "B" in Ostrich. (I looked around the Website and see what other styles they had.) So what the heck, I just asked them and they said they could do it!

    It did cost me an extra $10, though. It's worth it. Here's a rough idea of what it would like--the photo is from a Sony Clie:

    They said it would take 2-3 weeks for it to arrive; I'm okay with that. The good news is that BD told me they will not charge my credit card until they ship the thing out to me!

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