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    Sprint Tech was calling me back today to try and work on my trouble ticket from a week ago. I was having the same cookie problem as most do and didn't realize it was messing with my ability to access my pics online, post on here and check how many minutes I had left in my plan from my Treo. Anyway, after doing some searching on here I found out by getting Filez and deleting the file everything would work great. It did. Anyway, I was telling tech support what they should know about fixing it so it someone else called in they would be able to actually be helpful to someone calling in with this problem.

    Anyway, the tech said that Palmone would be issuing an update to the software for the Treo 600 becuase of this problem and a few others. When asked when the release would be she didn't have an answer just to be looking for it. Of course the person could just be making it up, but I thought I would at least pass the info on you anyone else who cared.
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    Hope your update arrives quicker than T-Mo officially has the 600.

    I feel your pain
    but also some envy

    still waiting for my 600 ...(sniff)

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