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    i have been vacilating when it comes to getting a case for my brand spanking new treo 600 ( i just received it yesterday from AT&t). i'm leaning towards the vaja, because i have used vaja cases for all my pda's since the ipaq 3650(?) through to my current tungsten c.

    the problem i have with the vaja case is that it covers the phone up entirely (which is good from a protective standpoint) but i kinda want to flash my new toy around. the handspring sideloading case would be fine but it has one of those belt clips that will make the case pop off when sitting which is no good. i saw a case from someone that looked like it fit the bill, side loading with a good belt clip but it is not being released till 1/15/04, way to long for me.

    i did not know what to do about the case situation as i looked at my phone beside my ipod, it hit my how similar they are in size, then i realized that the ipod's case (which i never use cause i just shove it in my breast pocket of my scottevest) would probably fit fine.... low and behold the fit is perfect (except that there is no opening for the ear-piece). if you have an ipod, this case does a very good job of holding the treo and has a very servicable belt clip. try it and let me know.
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    a lot of people like the ipod case because it's like the slip case that came with their t600, but with a belt clip. if it wasn't $39, i'd buy one too.
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    this has been discussed before...
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    I have the Belkin car mount for my ipod, and the treo sits pretty well in there too. The suction cup doesn't hold it on, but between the shape of the holder and the rubber bits, it isn't gonna fall out unless I catch air with the car or something.
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    pretty funny because the wife and i got our ipod and treo 600 respectively around the same time....i noticed the case was pretty similar as well.

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