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    I am on my 3rd 600 within a month. the earpiece went out after 2 wks on my first, had to use speakerphone or handsfree earpiece. the earpiece and speakerphone went out after 2 wks on my second, had to use handsfree earpiece. has anyone had same problem? this time I bought the extended 3yr warranty from bestbuy. I handle my 600 like a newborn baby so I know it is not from abuse or dropping. even though this problem is VERY ANNOYING, I still love my 600 with all my heart.
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    I've had the same exact problem, also on my third 600. Sprint doesn't seem to have an explanation for the problem.
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    I can't believe it, I didn't even make it a month and my earpiece stop working as well. I still have the second speaker, but it's very annoying to spend this kind of money and it not work properly. Since there are some others out there that have this problem, it's obvoiusly a bad part.

    Sprint did not have any in stock, so I have to call back in a couple of days to order one. What a pain!
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    I had the same problem..first time. Bought my phone from Sprint via phone order. I had a heck of a time convincing them to replace it. (It took a few weeks and a couple of hundred other complaints about the headset speaker failing before they would listen)

    Handspring advised they are aware of this tremendous problem....

    They cautioned against using potential non-compatable chargers and the like as this may short out the speaker.

    Anyway..will let you know how #2 works out when I receive it...

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