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    I have a treo600 from SprintPCS. I am having trouble with hanging-up the phone from a conference call. How do you hang-up the second (B) person on a conference call without hanging up the first (A) person? Even if one of the person(s) hangs-up from the call, my treo600 still shows a conference call in progress. I would like to have a conference call with two people and hang-up from the one person and call another. Is there a third party program I can get to fix this?
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    What has worked in the past is to hit the backspace key...that hangs up the call you're on (second call). It then sounds like you've hung up on both. Wait a few seconds, and the phone will start ringing. When you answer it, your first caller will be there!

    Warning...this hasn't ALWAYS worked...most times, though.

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