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    I'm interested in writing MIDI tones/ringers specifically for the Treo 600.

    My friend is a musician/composer and I am looking for a high quality program that will emulate the full range of MIDI sounds which the Treo 600 can produce. I don't want him to waste his time writing something on his MIDI synthesizer that won't sound as it was intended once played back on the Treo.

    How would we accurately simulate (on a computer/synthesizer) the MIDI sounds that a Treo 600 can produce?

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    ..but you could create a song that goes through all 127 GM sounds one by one and does a glissando or something. That way you could at least know in your head what the tones are like.

    So far all I know is that anything bass oriented sucks, and it has no real percussion waveset. But things like glocks and bells sound great. I bet the synthy sounds (over 100) are pretty decent if they are supported.

    The limitation in the bass sounds may be more speaker related, so you definitely want to try them with a headset and with the external speaker, if you can do that.


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